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It's been a bit, but with the start of the school year I'm trying to get organized. I might have a bit less time, but I'll be back in a schedule, so I might be more likely to get up in the morning and not spend all day on the couch.

Update/Goals 1.  I'm making an effort to work on tasks toward composition goals regularly - actually writing, editing, networking, recording, etc. I have 2 main writing projects in process, and I'll record older pieces or in-progress versions for teasers and Patreon backers. 2. I'm practicing piano again. I'm hoping to increase my skills, and I'm adding rep by Black women composers. Feel free to give me recommendations in that vein! 3. I've also downloaded cello sonatas by women on IMSLP I could find, and I hope to eventually add solo cello performances to my free-lance music life. I'm Always interested in more cello projects, collaborations, interesting music to play etc. 4.  I'm talking voice lessons in hopes of doing a "debut" solo voice recital early 2021, living composers, and looking into Black women composers' rep here too. (I'm transposing some I've found for low voice.) 5.  I'm still teaching lessons, let me know if this interests you!

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