Queer Antifa Cello-Punk

Playing in the 2014 Great Cover Up for GTFF
from photo shoot with Los Bandidos del Tango
getting ready for gigs
from photo shoot with Los Bandidos del Tango



Dr. Kit got his PhD in Music Theory in 2016. During the 2020 pandemic, he determined he'd like to use his musical expertise to be a Social Justice Bard, providing inspiration, healing, and bonuses to other Social Justice classes. The original idea for cello-punk was born.

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Audio recordings for the first album, The Hope We Need,  are available here.
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Music videos for the first album are available on YouTube.

A second album is in the works, and there's slow progress toward full band versions of The Hope We Need

Dr. Kit has previous experience playing and singing in dance bands, cover bands, and all sorts of classical music. His musical skills cover composing, arranging, teaching, cello, and piano. His youtube channel also includes a collection of fiddle/folk type cello music. 

He hopes to one day live in a queer collective with dogs, animals, gardens, crafts, and sword-fighting friends. 



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